… you may find me singing the lyrics to Josh Groban’s songs (the ones that aren’t in English) out loud.  I have no idea what I’m singing but I do it anyway.

… I can read Egyptian Hieroglyphs.  But I’m really rusty.

… in fact, I once considered getting a Masters in Egyptology.  But I would have had to move to the mainland and leave everything I love behind.

… it doesn’t take much for me to cry.  If someone on TV or in a movie cries, I cry.

… my biggest dream is to travel to Greece and spend some time there.

… I want to have a big kitchen with an island and hanging pans.

… I hate how on TV and in movies the music is way louder than the talking. (Just like commercials -_-).

… I’ve always wanted a clone of myself to give me massages in just the right spots.

… I once used Nair on Bryce.  He totally asked me to.  Honest. (These are confessions so I’ve got to be honest)

… I love listening to Disney songs.

… I thought of Confessions of a Shopaholic when I wrote the title for this post.  Hence the picture.  Did anyone else?  Anybody?  Anybody?