Part of the reason I wanted to reorganize my room was so I could build my book shelf.  Bryce’s dad got it for me about a year ago, and it’s just been sitting in my room.  Waiting to be built.  Day in and day out.  You get it.

Since we finished moving around my furniture super duper early, we got to build the shelf that same weekend.  It was actually a lot more complicated than I imagined.  Just look at these directions!

Bryce did most of it.  I tried.  Really I did.  I did one part, then got all flustered and confused with the next step that I just gave up and left it for Bryce. 😛

Here’s what I did.  The problem was connecting it to other parts of the shelf.

Even Nikko tried to help!  (She’s camera shy and turned away when I called her name for the picture.)

No, Mommy.  You can’t have the screwdriver!  I’m guarding it for Daddy.

Fine, Nikko.  I didn’t want to build the shelf anyway.  I’ll let Daddy continue his good work.

Here’s the final product.  You’ll notice that only every other shelf has a backing.  Stupid.  You’ll also notice that my books will only fit on every other shelf that doesn’t have a backing.  Also stupid.  What if my books fall out the back??

The reason for the every other design is because I can close the shelf.  So there’s technically 4 shelf squares instead of the 8 you see.  Err… why would I want to do that?  So I’m basically back at square one.  No book shelf.  And I’m super disappointed.

I’ve since moved my DVDs to the spaces where my books won’t fit.  And I’m still debating on whether or not I even want to put my books up there.  What to do, what to do.

Buy a real book shelf?  Yes.  Definitely.  But it needs to be just right.  I have limited space.  And I want a nice one.  That can hold tons of books.  I love books!

Let the search begin.