This blog post is dedicated to items I want but can’t find a good enough reason to buy.  Sigh.  I’m writing this to ask for your help, readers.  Help me justify these purchases.  I’ll be forever grateful. 🙂

Let’s start with this beauty.

Ivory Calfskin Leather Shoulder Bag.  Found on Etsy.  $141.00.  It’s sleek.  And big enough to hold a lot, but not overly big.

Florence Citta Art Journal.  5 x 7.  Found on Barnes & Noble. $49.95.  I love it.  But it’s something I need to write in when I travel!  Gorgeous artwork though.

They also have this one.  Venice Citta Art Journal.  5 x 7.  Also $49.95.  Something about the plainness makes me wistful.  And at peace.  Which do you prefer?  Both?  Oh good, me too.

Coach Poppy Story Patch Wristlet.  Found on  $48.00.  I love Coach.  And I’ve been looking into getting a wristlet.  This one is cute and neutral colored.  But I can’t justify getting it only to use it a few times here and there.  Sigh.  It’s got everything I’m looking for in a wristlet.  The one strap attached to the zipper (versus having a strap like a mini bag).  And it’s not huge.

Coach Lee Clog.  Found on  On sale for $103.60.  I’m not sure I’d ever feel good about paying over $100 for clogs.  But these are cute.  And I love shoes that make noise when I walk :).

This.  This I love.  And will probably never have.  It probably doesn’t even belong on this list because it’s something Bryce should buy me.  Hello, Bryce?  Are you there?  This is a Tiffany & Co. Tiffany Notes Let Me Count The Ways bangle.  Found here.  $325.00.  Yikes.  But I love it for the simplicity.  And the line.  Every time I read it I start saying, “How do I love thee, let me count the ways“.  You all read this poem by Elizabeth Barrett Browning right?

Then there’s these.  Ruby Baroque Earrings.  On Etsy.  $22.00.  Isn’t this a nice color?  Even though it’s a relatively cheap pair of earrings, every little bit adds up you know!

These are also pretty!  I’ve been loving this color lately, or anything close to teal.  Cool water cascade earrings.  On Etsy.  $18.00.  Not that bad.

I think I’ll stop here.  The list could go on and on and on.  But I wanted to share.  🙂