Bryce and I went to see Toy Story 3 on Friday night.  Another spur of the moment plan.  Lately he’s been like that.  I’m not sure why.  Anyway.

I had just seen Toy Story 2 a few weeks ago and he wanted to see Toy Story 3 while it was fresh in my mind.  Plus, he was looking forward to it.  And I kind of wanted to see it because I’d been hearing such good reviews from everyone.

The movie was amazing.  I loved it!  I especially loved Buzz in Spanish.  It was hilarious.  More than the preview made it out to be.  I also loved that Ken was with Barbie.  And the way Ken turned out to be was hilarious.  (You know, it’s really hard to write without giving anything away).  Let’s just say Ken is not how you pictured him when he played the dashing boyfriend of Barbie during play time.

Some parts of the movie were actually really sad.  The toys lost a few friends since number 2.  And there was also this really intense moment towards the end.

This new character was really funny.  And I love love love the name Mr. Pricklepants.

The ending totally made me cry.  Like, big dollops of tears rolled down both sides of my face.  It was extremely emotional.  I can’t say anything else except GO SEE IT if you haven’t already.  You’ll love it.  And you’ll cry too.  So bring tissues.

Side note: Bryce didn’t cry.  He said he was close, but controlled his breathing or something.  What a weirdo.

Another side note: I really appreciate all my toys.  And I feel like digging some out now.