I made my deadline with flying colors!  My room is completely reorganized!

And I couldn’t have done it without Bryce :).

Actually, the deadline was July 5 but we finished moving my furniture on July 2 (Friday night).  Nuts I know.  That was entirely Bryce’s idea.  Here’s what happened.

We got home and I started cleaning up some more and moving little things into my sister’s room.  I told Bryce earlier that I wanted to get a new TV for sure this weekend because of all the 4th of July sales.  So he said suggested we go that night.  Over eager much?

We went to Walmart and I finally settled on a Sony Bravia TV that was only marked down about $20.  But it was nice.  And I liked the size – 32″.  Bryce was also looking at getting an iPod touch (though I really didn’t think he needed one).  But Walmart had a good deal on them too.  He ended up getting one the next day.

Once we got home, he felt like moving things around already (and we got home around 8:30 p.m.).  But he wanted to set the TV up in it’s new spot instead of setting it up only to move it the next day.  Made sense.  So I agreed.  We started moving things out and ended up blocking us in the room.  And my drawn up plan apparently would not work.  The way I wanted to set up my bed would block me in my room.  Wouldn’t that have been funny?  So last minute changes needed to be made.  I love those.

The new set up ended up working out way better than what I had previously imagined.  And I wish I had pictures of all the moving, but it was kind of hectic.  Remember how I said we were locked in my room?  Well, my camera was on my chair which I had pushed outside the room.  That was a bummer.

Did I ever tell you that Bryce loves TV?  Even if he’s doing other things, he likes having it on.  Ambient noises, you know.  So of course, the first thing he did was hook up the TV.  Joke was on him though, my old cable line wasn’t long enough hehe.  And before he hyperventilated, I told him we could still watch DVDs.  That consoled him a bit.  (You know we went to get a new cable line the very next day though.)

Anyway.  Here are a few pictures of my new room!

The view from my door.  Please ignore the mismatching sheet to pillow case and blanket and unorganized closet.  And yes, I did keep the plastic cover that was wrapped over my TV.  I don’t want dust all over my new TV :-P.

Different angle shot.  Now you can see my totally messy desk and dresser.  Oh and the TV box?  I’m keeping it in case I need to return the TV.  But hey look, I managed to stick my pictures back on the wall :).

View from my bed.  Ahhh… the TV.  Nice, new, and FLAT screen.

I’m enjoying the new set up so far.  Minus the new bruises I’m getting by hitting the bed.  For some reason I walk around my bed instead of just hopping over it.

End result = bruises on my legs.

Anywho.  I’m sure you can see that I still have a LOT of organizing to do.  Can’t say that I’ve started.  And hey, it’s Friday.  I won’t even think about it until next week.