Happy 4th of July!

This holiday always brings up a certain memory for me.  Every year since Bryce and I have been going out.  So I’d love the share it with you!

Four years ago, Bryce and I decided to go to the beach and we invited his friend Tyler along.  It was a really nice day.  Sunny, no clouds in sight.  Perfect for the beach.  So we lathered on sunscreen and brought two extra towels down with us to sit on in the car afterwards.  Then we went to Tyler’s house since he unwillingly volunteered to drive us (Bryce always makes him drive – good thing Tyler is a good sport!).

Tyler is a hard-core beach goer.  He had packed a cooler for us filled with cold water.  And he also brought one of those huge umbrellas to stick in the sand, along with a shovel to dig a hole.  Goodness.  I thought I was good at planning ahead.

I don’t like crowded beaches, so I wanted to go to Kahala Beach.  Most of the time there’s hardly anyone there.  And if there are people, they’re locals.  No obnoxious, lobster-looking tourists in sight.

When I was little, I wanted a house along the beach because your backyard is literally the ocean.  And it’s so calming.  Then I think of tsunamis and forget all about it.

Anyway, after going into the water, I lay down to tan and dry off some.  Thank goodness for the umbrella.  It was really hot, so I was predominantly under there.  Two people could fit, so I didn’t feel bad.  I know, I said tan.  Then said I was under the umbrella.  It’s possible you know.  UV rays are really powerful.  So by being under the umbrella, I would tan and not get burned!  This was my thinking anyway.

While thinking all of this and lying down, Tyler asked me a question.

“Are you coming to my house for the party with Bryce?”

“What party?”

“Oh… I thought Bryce told you.”

“What party?”

It was at this point I noticed Bryce had shushed him.  Now I was suspicious.

A 4th of July party?  The same day that Bryce told me he had a family dinner that would last all night so we couldn’t go see the fireworks I wanted to see?  That same day?

Someone was in trouble.  Big time.

So I turned to Bryce and asked him what party.  He said Tyler was having a party at his house and he was going there after his family dinner.  The family dinner that was supposed to last all night.

“You LIED to me?”

“I didn’t want you to go.”

That hurt.  And I was scowling up a storm.  Fireworks were probably shooting out of my eyes.

He quickly said, “I didn’t want you to go because there’s gonna be alcohol.  And I didn’t want you around all the drunk people.”

Why he couldn’t just tell me that instead of lying to me, I have no idea.  I was upset the rest of the day.  And I continue to bring it up every year.  It’s his punishment.

Sure it was a thoughtful lie.  But a lie is a lie is a lie.  You know.

At the end of the day though (not literally that day), I really appreciate his thoughtfulness.  He cared enough to know I would be extremely uncomfortable in that situation.  He didn’t lie because he didn’t want me around.  Even though he didn’t go about it the right way, he now knows better.  He tells me about everything that he wants to do with his friends and sometimes asks permission to go.

And it’s cute.

I hope you’re all having a wonderful 4th of July.