I’ve made some more progress on my room!  So here’s a quick update on the status.  We’re moving along quite well.

I found $30 in a bag!  Along with a book I meant to finish reading last year.

The underneath of my desk before.  Hey, I think I see 5 cents.

Another angle of underneath my desk after.  Sigh.  There’s the printer I used once.  Oh!  And that box in the front?  That’s the shelf I can’t wait to build for all my books!

And this?  My dolls!  I’ve missed them.  They’ve been in a box for almost 2 years now.  I have no room for them!  That big fat Winnie the Pooh is from Disneyland!  Bryce got it for me :).  And don’t mind those dolls that look like they’re making out.  They’re actually lip-locked for real.  From my mommy.  I’m not sure where I got those chicken things.

My dolls really need a home.  They make me happy.

Not bad, ehhh?  I’m quite proud of what I’ve accomplished.

Especially since I take a break every day to read book two of the Percy Jackson series.  How do you just read one chapter?  Impossible.