No one said it better than Krystn.

“Freedom comes at a hefty price.”

Don’t you agree?  Let me explain.

For about a month now, I’ve been driving to school.  Before that, my sister and I had been catching the bus to school/work.  It was awful.  And taxing.  And time consuming.  And just plain awful.  Wait, did I say that already?

Also, for some reason, I had been starting to feel sick on the bus.  Not like I was getting a cold, but more like I was unable to close my eyes on the bus because I would feel nauseous.  It was a terrible feeling.  Plus, I’m somewhat of a germaphobe (aren’t we all to a certain extent?).  There are people with REALLY bad hygiene who ride the bus.  They sneeze and cough all over the place.  And if they do in fact sneeze or cough into their hands, they wipe it somewhere anyway!

I was going nuts.  And I couldn’t take it anymore.  So I announced to my mother that I would be saving big time to get my own car.  Her worst nightmare.  Apparently, me having a car = more freedom = more likely to move out.  She quickly said no and then offered to let me use one of their cars instead.  My dad had recently retired so he could drive her to work leaving one car all to me and my sister.  Now I faced the perplexing dilemma of how I was going to pay for parking or if there was some way I could get a parking pass.

My great and caring and generous friend Krystn knew exactly how we were feeling.  At the time she didn’t have a car either and was catching the bus like we were.  So she offered to get me a parking pass for the summer!  What a great friend.

So here we were.  Parking pass and all.  Waking up later.  Arriving home earlier.  The life.

Wait.  What’s that you say?  Gas?  I need to fill in gas once a week?  Hmm… I hadn’t thought of that.  Oh.  Well.  I think the benefits greatly outweigh the cost.  By far.

Oh and I’m happy to let you know that Krystn got a car!  Yay!  She was also able to get a parking pass via her sister Kelli.  Phew.  I was feeling horrible for a little bit.  We’re a driving pair now.  And we even park near each other.

Look how nice and shiny it is!

It’s a great feeling.  Freedom.  Ahhh… let’s just soak it in.

Until I look at my credit card bill that is.