It’s time for a change.

I’ve been thinking about getting a hair cut for a few weeks now and I’m due for one.  My last hair cut was in January.  That’s 5 months ago.  And unfortunately, my hair grows fast.

The reason I haven’t just called and scheduled an appointment is because I’m not sure how short I want to go.  I once went above my shoulders.  It was a dramatic change because I think I chopped off about 5 inches.  I normally don’t cut more than 2 or 3.  Here’s a picture that was taken about 2 months after I chopped my hair off.

Keep in mind that it grew out some!  My mom actually didn’t like it.  At all.  Which made me like it even more. 🙂  She then said it made my face look rounder than it already is.  Oh mothers.  Aren’t they awesome?

It was an impulsive decision to get that hair cut.  Very impulsive.  But it was summer and hot.  So logically I thought cutting my hair would be a good solution to cooling my neck.  It worked, but short hair is so hard to deal with for me.  I’m too lazy to style.  That’s my biggest problem.  Most days I just brush it and that’s it.  Ok I also make sure the parting is straight.  But that gets messed up real fast in the wind.

My long hair bothers Bryce sometimes.  It gets in his face.  And it makes him itchy.  That’s really funny for me though.  Am I evil?  Ehh.  He also doesn’t want me to cut my hair super short.  There’s just no pleasing the man.  I kid, I kid.  At least he always tells me my hair cuts look nice when I ask.  Which makes him smart.  Am I right?

I’m still debating how short I want to go and I’m starting to get frustrated because this decision making is preventing me from getting a hair cut!  So here’s my pros and cons list.


  • My hair won’t weigh so much anymore.
  • It will be a lot cooler.
  • My hair will have some style instead of just hanging there.
  • I can stop complaining about my long hair.
  • It won’t go in Bryce’s face as much.
  • I will save money on shampoo and conditioner.


  • STYLING.  I didn’t style my hair the last time, much less blow dry it.
  • I may not be able to tie my hair back (depending on the length).
  • My mom will complain.
  • Styling.  Again.

I’m really tempted to say that I don’t want to cut my hair JUST because I won’t style it.  But I think my hair looked fine without styling.

So I guess the question is: Is it hot enough for me to want short hair?

Maybe I’ll go somewhere in between.  That’s generally what I do when I’m THIS indecisive.  Either way, I’ll definitely post pictures when I cut my hair.

This is just a summer of all sorts of changes, isn’t it?