This past weekend, I fiddled with the idea of taking on a HUGE summer project.  And after having drawn up the plans and discussing it with Bryce, I’ve decided to do it.

The project?

Room reformation.  Yikes.  I know, it’s really scary.  But we can get through this together!  I think.  This is why I had to discuss it with Bryce.  My furniture is heavy.  And he’s a boy.  He comes in handy, you know.

I’ve actually been meaning to reorganize my room for a while because the way it is now is not very functional.  Sure it works, but it could be better.  And if I’m being totally honest, it’s a mess.  Like, we moved into the apartment almost 2 years ago and I still haven’t unpacked a few boxes.  Yeah.  So they just got stacked in a corner (which takes up room for a shelf I’ve been meaning to build for a year -_-).  Oh and I can’t forget the box I have hidden in my closet.

A big reason I want to reorganize is so that it’s easier for me to blog.  My desk has a chair (as all desks generally do) but it’s so close to my bed that I sit on the edge of my bed and type from there.  Horrible for my posture and my bed.  The corner of my bed is literally pushed in from all my sitting there.  Since I don’t sit in my chair, I end up diagonal from my laptop.  Oh and the chair?  It’s become a storage unit.  There’s a mountain of clothes there.  Well not a mountain, maybe a hill.  Phew.  That makes me feel better.

As you can see, it’s time for a change.  And I won’t divulge any more information to you.  I need to keep my sanity intact.

Nonetheless, I’m pretty excited about this!  I may pull a few hairs in the process but I’m hoping to get it done real soon.

The deadline?  (Because I need one).

July 5, 2010.

That’s about 2 weeks.  And it falls on a long weekend.  Wish me luck because I totally need it.  Doable?  YES.