My friend Krystn is working to set up a blog of her own for the past few days.  Like me.  So we were talking about how our technical knowledge is insufficient.  To say the least.  (Side note:  Check out her blog!  It’s not done yet, but I’m all for helping out friends :).  We all need encouragement!

The past few days of trying to work out the kinks of my blog have been pretty draining.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving the new site and I love blogging.  It’s just that there have been a few times where I wish I had a magic wand and when I wave it my blog will magically be all set up the way I want it.  Wouldn’t that be handy for other things too?  Laundry, dishes, cleaning… anyway.  I digress.

Is it possible to strangle a computer?  No?  Darn.

There was a point in our conversation when I told her I’m computer pooped.

Pooped, pooped, pooped.  So why am I blogging today?  Because I love you guys.  And even though it’s been tough for me to set this up, I know the end result will greatly please me.  I have never undertaken a task of this magnitude.  Nor did I ever think I’d be setting up my website.  It will be my pride and joy.

And I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.