I’m taking a short break from the Maui trip.  But don’t worry, we’re almost there!  I just thought I’d take the time now to help my friend out with something she’s very passionate about.

In April, my friend Shannon went to Peru for volunteer work.  The town of Pisco was hit with a big earthquake and many people lost their homes.  She spent two months there helping to rebuild the town and as a result has helped many families.  She also built many lasting friendships with fellow volunteer workers and connected with the families there.

Shannon is a person with a very big heart for things like this.  Just last year she traveled to Thailand for volunteer work also.  There she helped watch the children of mother’s who were getting an education to make a better life for their families.

She’s currently planning to go back to Pisco to continue her work there and is trying to raise funds for the work they are doing.  And even though she’ll be missing my birthday by going back there (and I’m giving her a hard time about it), I understand why she’s doing it.  I even admire her for her courage and never-ending adventurous spirit.

I’ll let you read about her experience yourself here: http://1dayis2day.tumblr.com/.  If you can (and I’ll understand if you can’t), please donate some money.  Even the tiniest bit can go a long way.

Thank you. 🙂

Oh and welcome to my new site.  I hope you like it as much as I do!