I thought it would be best to break down the trip by days and sections.  That way you won’t be overloaded AND my pictures will make sense AND you can follow along easier because it’s chronological!  Genius I know.  *pat on back*.  I didn’t graduate from college for nothing you know? 🙂

So here we go.

Day one did not start off well.  Bryce and I had slept around 1:00 a.m. because I was still packing a few things (you know, double checking I had enough clothes etc.) and Bryce wanted to finish watching River Monsters.  Big mistake.  We were supposed to wake up early (well early for him) because I had planned for us to get to the airport around 9:40 a.m.  He overslept as usual.  And because he overslept, we ended up leaving for the airport when I wanted to GET to the airport.

I HATE being late.  And he knows it.  So when he said something like “don’t worry, we’re going to have a good weekend”, I snapped back saying “it’s not starting off that way is it?”  It wasn’t even so much the time we left, but my parents were rushing us out.  And I HATE being rushed.  So I was being rushed and we were late.  Oh man you should have seen me.

So we arrived at the airport all huffy.  And Bryce, who normally leads wherever we’re going, decided to follow me since he hadn’t traveled to a neighbor island in years.  Apparently since I just did last year I was an expert.  I had no idea where to check out.  Do you have any idea how many lines there are for Hawaiian Airlines?  Good gracious.  But we made it (obviously).  And once we were seated at the gate I started to calm down.

Everything went pretty smoothly from then on.  We arrived and then went to Hertz to pick up our rental.  Ahhhh here I would like to point out that I am a Hertz #1 Club Gold member.  What does this mean?  It means I got to go in a separate line that happened to be empty when I arrived.  Here is a picture of the line for regular members.

Would you look at that?  That is A LOT of people.  The number of people in my line?  Zip.  Zero.  Nada.  Yay for me!  AND I was upgraded from a Sentra to a Camry for free.

I thought it was funny that the license plate started with “LAW”.  Bryce thought it was funny too.

Once we got to the car I got my phone ready to use as our GPS and wouldn’t you know, it wasn’t working.  Bryce panicked.  But I was driving and I used my girl senses to follow signs that directed us in the right direction while Bryce fiddled around with my phone and repeatedly told me my phone sucked and it was broken.  Anyway.  We got to Lahaina after a long drive (about 40 minutes) and all we needed to do was turn down the right side street to find our hotel.  Those side streets are tricky!

Once we turned into the hotel driveway I was a little worried.  For one thing, it looked more like an apartment complex and what turned out to be the “lobby” area was a little open area that contained 2 desks with computers and one person manning the desk.  However, once she showed us a map and where we would be staying I relaxed.  The hotel room was really nice.  Here’s the kitchen.

Living room:


As you can see we got a king size bed… no matter.  Here’s the TV that was in the bedroom.

Honestly, the hotel room was so nice that it made me not want to leave it.  But I forced myself.  The first day was the hardest.  There was another TV in the living room with a DVD player so it was really cozy for Bryce and I to just sit there and watch a movie or TV while we ate.  And he’s a typical guy so HE got to lie down on the couch and propped his feet on my lap to get more comfortable.  I know what you’re thinking.  Why didn’t I just lie down too?  Sadly, the couch wasn’t big enough.

I think I’ll stop here for now and post about the aquarium later.  Otherwise you’ll be overloaded with pictures and I’d like to keep you around to read more.  So stick around!  I’ve got tons to show you!