I’ve been preparing for my trip the past few days.  And I’ve come to the realization that there are just so much more things we girls have to do than boys even worry about.  I’ll list a few things I’ve done and then list what Bryce has done.

Vanessa’s Preparations:

  • Wash my clothes so I have things to wear.
  • Cut my nails and toe nails so they’re not uncomfortably long.
  • Re-paint my toe nails so they’re nice and pretty.
  • Pluck my eye brows.
  • Lay out clothes that I’m thinking of bringing.
  • Actually start packing a few things.
  • Clean my room.
  • Give my parents flight information (you know, so we can be dropped off and picked up – which is sort of  important).
  • Make sure my memory card in my camera has sufficient memory.
  • Look for all reservation confirmations and put in bag.
  • Find phone mount and car charger so we can use it as a GPS.
  • Try to remember to withdraw money because I have zero cash in my wallet at present.  Sad I know.
  • Make a mental note not to forget my face wash, shampoo/conditioner, toothbrush, and body wash on the morning of the trip.
  • And finally, re-check what has already been thrown into my carry on  bag.

Bryce’s Preparations:

  • Think about what board shorts he will be taking.
  • Ask me if his black board shorts are at my house.  (They are).
  • Tell his mom that we’re going to Maui.
  • Ask me what hotel we’re staying at so he can tell her.
  • Cut his nails.
  • Not pack until the night before (which is today).  And blatantly tell me it’ll only take him 10 minutes.  The nerve.
  • Ask me for directions to the hotel because he doesn’t know how to get there.
  • I remind him we will be using my phone as a GPS.

And that is all.  Notice how much longer my list is?

At least I have this to look forward to.  The road to Hana.