*** This blog serves as a warning ***

Do not get a king size bed.

I definitely will not be purchasing one when I get married and move out.  Why?  It’s very simple.  If I get a king size bed, I shall never sleep next to Bryce.  Ever.  I’m not kidding.

How did I come to this disturbing conclusion you might ask?  Experience people, it’s called experience.

When Bryce and I went to Disneyland and stayed at the Disneyland Hotel (which was fabulous by the way, I took pictures of everything themed!) we had a king size bed.  And the whole time we were there I swear we could have put all the pillows in between us because that’s how big the gap was.  Sad I know.  He loved the space on the bed (since at the time we both had twin sized beds).  I have since then upgraded to a full size bed – which hasn’t served me well either might I add.  See https://apostrophethecat.wordpress.com/2010/03/22/good-for-nothing-bed/.

Why am I bringing this up now?  Because the hotel we’re staying at asked me if I’d prefer a king size bed or two queen size beds.  Please see picture below.

I didn’t check off king size bed, that’s for sure.  But with these things you never know what you’re going to get until you walk into your room, so we’ll see.  The point is, if we get a king size bed it won’t be by choice.  So ha!  In Bryce’s face.  He really has no reason not to sleep next to me now.  It’s diabolical.