Bryce and I are going to Maui on the 28th and coming back on the 31st.  I’m excited!  He chose that weekend because Monday is a holiday, so I wouldn’t have to take off that much.  He’s thoughtful sometimes.  But only sometimes. 😛

This will be our first trip together since 2006 when we went to Disneyland for what was my first time there and his fourth.  What a loser.  I know (he likes to point out the gaping difference).  That probably sounds silly to most people, but for us folks who live in the middle of the ocean, it’s not always easy to go to Disneyland!  Heck if I had a choice (and the resources) I’d go there at least once a week.  I really would.

So we leave Friday morning and come back Monday morning.  Ideally, I would have liked to return Monday afternoon but the return flights were crazy expensive!  We still have two full days to enjoy and relax though.  We’re not planning a whole itinerary either because that would take away the relaxing part.  Me on a schedule – not a pretty thing.  Yeah, we’ll just leave it at that.

The only thing that we MUST do is visit the aquarium.  That’s all Bryce wants to do.  And he’ll be happy.  So easy to please.  That won’t be hard to do at all.  And I really just want to eat all kinds of goodies from Homemaid Bakery.  Yum!

We are however also looking into zip lining.  It’s something I did with my friends when we went to Maui last year (and Bryce didn’t go because he was working).  I think he’d really enjoy it.  The only problem is that it adds almost $300 to the amount we’re spending.  But we’ll see.  There’s a really nice one that involves sunsets.  Doesn’t that sound dreamy?

Here’s our hotel room by the way.  I love how it looks.  It’s a one bedroom with a garden view.

And of course I have to show you the pool!  Please note there is also what is called a “whirlpool”.  Is that like a jacuzzi?  I have no idea but I intend to find out!

Not that we’ll be staying at the hotel very much, but it’s nice to have different surroundings than your own home every so often.

I’m planning on taking my new fancy camera (even though it’s huge and a pain to take around everywhere).  So hopefully I’ll have tons of nice pictures to post for you!  Though on a side note, it’s kind of hard for me to take all the pictures I really want to because Bryce thinks it’s weird that I take pictures of what seems unimportant and boring to him (ie. FOOD).  I love taking food pics!  So too bad for him.

Anyways, just wanted to share the good news!  A vacation!  Yessss :).