Phew.  I haven’t written in a LONG time.  My apologies.  I took a breather and I’ll explain why in this post.

A little while ago I caught a cold.  Out of the blue too.  I hadn’t been feeling like I was coming down with anything.  Then bam!  One morning I woke up with a terrible, terribly sore throat.  My guess is the cold air irritated my throat.  Funny thing is, I always sleep with the windows closed on cold nights.  So I was a little stumped.

Since a lot has happened, I’ll just list a few things down that I haven’t blogged about.

  • I found out my mom has tendonitis in her foot AND she has carpal tunnel in the wrist that didn’t undergo surgery.
  • I found out my mom can’t work until July (and she’s borderline depressed about that).
  • Mother’s Day came and went. We got my mom an edible arrangements.
  • My printer and laptop came in at work! Yay me!
  • I got a new game on the Wii which is another distraction. Zelda: Twilight Princess. Love it.
  • Glee started! Even though I’m behind 2 episodes this week I’ve been distracted nonetheless.
  • I’ve been practicing on my DSLR camera since it’s so complicating.  I haven’t made any headway per se but I’m getting more comfortable holding it.  Which is a start right?  Not really.  But we’ll just pretend.
  • We’ve been swamped at work doing blasted registration, which has also contributed to my not blogging because I’m so tired when I get home.
  • Went shopping for a gift for a baby shower.  Baby clothes are so cute!  I want a girl.  Scratch that.  I NEED a girl.  I spent an extra 10 minutes looking at clothes MY baby would be wearing later :).

I think that’s about it!  Other than that nothing much has been going on.  Waiting for finals to be over so I can at least TALK to Bryce some.  Not seeing him is one thing, but not talking sucks.

Anyway.  Til next time!  I leave you with a picture from my DSLR.  Hopefully they’re getting better!  Oh – mental note.  Need to learn how to use photoshop.