Hawaii weather has been weird the past couple of weeks.  I’m never sure what to wear to work.  It may start off cold and windy but by the middle or end of the day it can be hot and sunny.  And it doesn’t help that because I leave early in the morning it’s pretty much always cold.  Honest.

I’m sure other places have it worse, but for me in my little nook in the world, it’s junk.  I don’t mind a few rain showers throughout the day.  I’m always prepared with an umbrella.  But does the weather have to pull the switcheroo on me?

(I like this one – it’s just a simple drip of the water but nice :))

If it doesn’t look too cold in the morning, I chance it and wear shorts or a dress.  But if it looks rainy in the slightest, I wear jeans.  And that my friends is how I decide what to wear.

Look!  All pictures courtesy my brand spankin new DSLR!!  See below:

10.2 megapixel Sony A-230!  Yay!! My first big purchase (oh, other than my dogs – hehe whoops :)).  I got an awesome deal that included the camera, an extra lens, memory card, and carrying case.   Thanks to Brent for finding the deal for me at Costco.  And to Krystn for picking me up and driving us all to Costco. 😀

Anywho.  I’m hoping the weather makes up its mind early in the day.  I’d appreciate it very much.

Til then, I’ll be the one lugging the umbrella around everywhere – rain or shine.  And wearing the wrong shoes.

P.S. – Can you tell I was getting a little obsessed over the drip?