Saturday was a long, long day.  Remember last weekend when I went to Kaneohe to help someone pack?  We went again this weekend.  Only this time my focus was on playing with their daughter, Sophia.  And she’s full of energy.  Like all the time.  It makes me feel old when I burn out so fast.

Anyway.  She wanted to face paint.  The joy.  But I’m a good sport so I sat there while the cold, wet brush touched my face.  And she used a sponge too.  It’s actually neat if you’re really trying to make designs, but I couldn’t think of anything to ask her to paint on me.  So my face turned out like this:

Oh yeah, I look good.  Wait til you see my mom.  She got her face painted too.  I believe she was a red-nosed elephant.  I wonder what I was.  Any guesses?

After we were both painted, I painted Sophia.  It was only fair after all.  So here are the three of us clowns:

It was the first time I got my face painted actually.  Strange experience.  Not sure I’d do it again.  Even stranger, I had to leave it on for hours because I wasn’t allowed to wash it off.  And when I eventually snuck away to wash it off, there was still black paint on my cheeks that refused to come off.  I even scratched at a pore later and black paint came out.  Yuck.

Here’s a cute picture of them two:

They have a bouncy house at their house so after face painting, I had to bounce around with her.  She had a super awesome time while I was slowly dying.  Each bounce was draining to say the least.  This is where I felt REALLY old.  And when my mom brought us water, I gulped it and asked for more.  It was a lot of fun though.  The next time you have a bouncy house experience, you should totally lie in the middle of it while it pumps up.  That is an amazing feeling to slowly lift off the ground.  Plus it gave me a chance to catch my breath.  But that had nothing to do with it :-P.

By the way, this is their backyard.

Isn’t that nice?  The ocean is right at their doorstep.  And they wake up with that view every day.  But they’re moving to Las Vegas in June.  The housing market there is amazing.  The 5 bedroom house with a pool (and most importantly a walk in closet) that they bought is the same price as the 3 bedroom 2 bath apartment my parents got.  Goodness.

At least we always have somewhere to stay when we go.  And I’ve never been to Vegas before.  So yay!  I spy a vacation in the works.