It’s been a week since my mom had surgery so I figured I’d give a little update.  She’s getting her cast on today as well as going to her first physical therapy session for her wrist.  But that’s not the fun stuff.

Wanna know what I came home to?  It’s not pretty.  Believe me if you’re the least bit queasy this is your warning message now.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Pictured here is my mom’s yucky-icky-gross-make-you-queasy stitches.  All 11 of them.  And I’m saying that because she kept counting 12.  Do you see 12?  I don’t.  And I counted 3 times.

Ugh… I couldn’t look at that for long.  Doesn’t it give you a nasty feeling deep in your gut?  Bleh.  I just don’t like the scrunched up look of her skin.  It grosses me out even thinking about it.  And she was waiting for me to get home she said, so she could show them to me.  Keep in mind, my mom was all smiles.  I’m beginning to think she hit her head or something as well as breaking her wrist.  She’s enjoying this too much.

Well that’s not entirely true.  In fact, my mom is bored out of her mind.  She doesn’t know what to do with herself since she can’t go to work.  Out of everyone in the family, she’s the one who always needs to be doing something.  So I left her one of her old books that I was given to store somewhere and she said it was boring.  I offered to buy her a puzzle to work on but she said no.  I’m all out of ideas here and she’s not suggesting anything.  Although I bet she’d love to play with my phone all day.  She loves my games.  Too bad I need it though.

Oh and she’s really excited to get a cast on.  She told me my friends should come over to sign it.  Isn’t she funny?  She’s like a little kid.  Well it’s her first broken bone so I guess she should enjoy it.  Yeah I said enjoy a broken bone.  Think I’m weird?  I guess I inherited that from my mom :).  Don’t tell her I said that though.