No not the movie.  Ha.  Just trying to be funny :D.

Let’s get serious now.  Come on.

On Monday I had my first ever training session.  And I was pretty excited!  I felt official.  I felt integrated in the system.  It’s an interesting experience going from a student worker to being part of the faculty.

And as is usual for me, I left with ample time to spare.  It started at 1pm and I arrived at 12:53pm.  7 minutes early.  How I like it.  I chose an end seat that wasn’t in the front in case I was bored, but it wasn’t in the back either, so I didn’t look like I wasn’t paying attention.  Thomas suggested I sit towards the back though so I could get the heck out of there ASAP.  Good advice.

Of course people came in super late.  Last minute people that kept coming well after I got there.  I always wonder how people do that.  Anyway.  We started promptly on time at 1:03pm.  Yeah that’s UH for you.  Can you tell I like being on time?  I understand it can’t always happen but ehhh… I can’t help it.

As soon as the training started, the room became quiet.  Almost.  To my left I heard a mouse clicking and noticed a man browsing the web.  Shame on him.  Here I was sitting diligently listening to the “teacher”.  I felt like I was back in college all over again.  So let’s have a brief time line of events.  You know, because I actually took the time to jot things down.  Don’t worry, I was still paying attention.  Remember?  I was diligent.

1:10 – We started looking at the training website and talked about editing our profile

1:21 – Man to the right changed his position title to “Supreme Leader”. Ha.

1:25 – Noticed how comfy and engulfing the leather chair was

1:33 – Felt a little sleepy

1:45 – Realized the chair is not that comfy after all

1:49 – Yawn #5

1:55 – Started a dummy exercise to hire a student

2:08 – Felt more awake since we did an exercise

2:13 – Cell phone went off.  It happens with faculty too people.

2:22 – Found my name as a student example and chose to use it 😀

2:32 – Started to wrap up

2:35 – Questions.  So many questions.

2:40 – Yes!  Done early!

Man.  It was a long long session.  But useful.  It didn’t cover nearly as much as I thought we would and it was pretty brief for that period of time, but I learned stuff.  However, that chair.  Man that chair.  My back was sore after!  And I found out I was apparently hired on 8/8/05.  I was promoted all the way up an A4-2.  Which basically means I was there for a long, long time.  It made me nostalgic.  On a side note, my supervisor was Dusty Santos and my FO (Fiscal Officer) was Lucky Day.  Ha!  Well it was a training session after all and they couldn’t keep the same information.

All in all it was a great experience and I’m glad I got to go.  My mom would say, “you’re growing up” *sniff sniff*.  And I kinda feel like it.