This past weekend was pretty busy.  And I actually wanted to chill out.  Funny how that works out.  When you’re bored out of your mind there’s nothing to do, and when you want to relax at home there’s stuff to do.  Anyway.

Friday night I actually fell asleep pretty early.  The week went by really slowly and when it finally hit Friday, I guess I got pooped out.  I literally went to sleep by 9pm.  Plus Bryce wasn’t over so I didn’t have anything to do except konk out. Oh and did I mention I fell asleep with the lights on?  Yeah, nobody turns them off from my school days because it would always help me wake back up.  So I actually didn’t sleep that well until I woke up, changed into my PJs, and brushed my teeth.  Around 1am.

Saturday I woke up feeling unrested.  But my mom had volunteered me to help her friend who’s moving to pack.  So I willed myself out of bed.  Ungraciously.  I rolled out of bed and onto my dogs and then trudged into the shower.  The shower didn’t do much for me though, so I ate some breakfast and rolled back into bed until it was time to go.  I wanted so desperately to take a nap even though I didn’t do anything yet.

But we left around 1pm and I had to drive all the way to Kaneohe.  Once there, we all helped.  My mom watched their daughter Sophia, my dad helped the husband Erwin, and I helped her friend Puja.  We quickly got to sorting through her clothes, old baby clothes, and various odds and ends.  Movers are coming in about a week that’s why, so there was no time to waste.  By 4pm we were all a bit pooped I think and started to slow down.  Puja was making goulash for dinner and I never had that before so I was pretty excited.  And it was delicious.  Definitely a good way to end the day, and while in good company too.

Of course I had to drive home too and as soon as I got home I went into my room and collapsed on the bed.  My bed… it’s like it calls to me I swear.  And just like that (and without showering once again) I fell asleep.  All dirty and sticky on my cozy bed.  With the lights on.  Again.  You’d think I’d learn.  But I never do.

On Sunday Bryce picked me up around 10am for a breakfast date :).  He took me to Denny’s and we sat and talked while we ate.  It was really nice.  Normally we go to IHOP but we wanted a change of pace.  After that we went back to my place and took a 2 hour nap.  Ahhh.  It was refreshing.  And I really love sleeping next to him.  In fact, I’ve come to the realization that I never get as good a rest in a short period of time unless he’s there.  It’s true.  Which means I’m not well rested about 16 days a month give or take.

After our nap, he insisted we wake up (even though I just wanted to cozy up some more and watch TV or something while he read for school).  He knew I had some things to get from Walmart and that I don’t like going without him so he forced me.  I was ready to tell him I’d just go myself some other time but he was pretty firm in us going, so I thought he wanted something for himself.  But apparently he just wanted to go with me.  Yet another reason I love the guy :).

When we came home it was just about dinner time and I realized he didn’t get any reading done for school.  I felt horrible.  But he didn’t make a big deal out of it because he came to spend the day with me.  Which actually just made me feel worse.  Oh well.

So I had a pretty busy weekend.  Sort of.  They’re never long enough I tell you.  And why do they go by so fast?  If only the other 5 days went by that fast.

But ever the optimist, I told Bryce I’m looking forward to the summer when I can spend time with him and not worry about his school work at all.  That is, unless he goes to summer school.