I got home yesterday and started making noodles since I didn’t eat lunch earlier.  Unfortunately it was disrupted with an annoying knock on the door.  And we have a screen door in front of our door so that thing vibrates.  Of course the dogs went crazy.  Which was even more annoying.

My mom was sleeping so I was worried that they’d wake her up.  The lady at the door spoke to my dad and I didn’t really pay attention because I went to calm the dogs down but apparently she wanted to “clean the screen door for free” and we’d be helping her win some kind of contest.  What a bunch of bologna.  But my dad agreed and a few minutes later she reappeared with someone else and explained that she needed to come set up inside and she would “take care of us”.  The whole time she addressed my dad as uncle.  And it was kind of creepy.

My mom woke up of course since the dogs didn’t stop barking.  And she was addressed as aunty.  She looked fine to me and I asked how the surgery went.  So I’m happy to let you know that it went well and my mom is fine.  She kept saying that it feels like she doesn’t have an arm because it’s so numb.  They apparently gave her really strong pain medication.  She still seemed a little dazed to me, but was all in all good.  I made some noodle soup for her and added vegetables and tofu since she asked, then cracked in an egg.

In the meantime, the lady started setting up her vacuum.  It was the Kirby vacuum.  Heard of it?  I hadn’t.

It looked like every time she used it there were 2 or 3 filters being used.  She started with the floor and I’ve gotta say it wasn’t THAT black.  Then she moved on to a corner on the floor and it got a little darker.  Then she vacuumed a part of the screen door.  And then the couch.  And then the fan.  And each time she only vacuumed a small portion, never the whole thing.  Then she took out the filters and put them on our floor.  I’m assuming to show us the filth we’re living in (and of course how she can solve that problem).  Pictured below are the filters she placed on the floor.

See how many she used?  And see how dirty some of them are?  Gross.  And this is what they want you to think.  The original lady who knocked on the door said there was no obligation to buy and she just wanted to “clean the screen door” remember?  But the lady who was vacuuming kept asking if we’d be interested in buying the vacuum if her manager would give us a good deal.  Did they not communicate to get their stories straight or something?  That’s sending mixed signals.  The second lady kept saying the vacuum could be used on beds without removing the sheet, in the car, it can spray paint your walls etc… Then my dad asked her “even if you don’t sell us a vacuum you still get paid right?” to which she responded “no we get credit for trying to, but don’t get paid unless we sell a vacuum”.

Want to know how much the thing costs?  My dad told me she said $3000.  No joke.  Plus you have to keep in mind that you’ll have to buy the filters from their store.  So sorry, but we didn’t buy the vacuum and she just vacuumed various parts of our house for nothing.

If it had been me talking to her and not my dad I would have said no thank you and be done with it.  But since he said yes it was noisy for quite some time and my mom was getting agitated because she had a slight headache after a while.  And the dogs were all crazy and would bark any time they heard her speak.  My dogs are smart are they not?  They have voice recognition!

So the lesson from this is to not trust someone who says they’ll do something for free if you let them.  Nothing’s free.  They’re trying to sell you something.  End of story.