I have bad posture.  I slouch, and I’ve known it for a while.  The funny thing is that I used to have great posture.  Until I started college.  My mom used to be a stickler for posture, well she still is.  Sort of.  Obviously she’s more lenient now since I “downgraded”.  Let’s start from the beginning.

When I was little and I slouched even the slightest bit my mom would give me this look that said “sit up straight or I’ll make you”.  I know, scary.  And I was a pretty obedient child if I do say so myself.  So all up through my high school years I would sit super straight.  Even if I was on the floor – which let me tell you is really uncomfortable.  My mom even hates when you sit at the table and you’re crooked off your chair.  You had to be aligned with the table.  That was the biggest problem my sister had.  Even to this day she sometimes sits to the side of the chair, which is a habit I’ve picked up as well.  My mom still tells us to sit straight every so often but not as much anymore.

In college, I started studying more on my bed rather than at my desk.  I’ll admit it was mostly because my desk was a little messy :) .  Plus, my bed was just so comfortable.  Horrible habit by the way, you really shouldn’t study on your bed.  Sure you get some studying done, but admit it – and be honest now – you fall asleep.  I also started to sit at the edge of my chair, which encouraged slouching more.  Even Bryce tells me to sit straight every so often.  Sheesh.

I’ve been making a mental note to check my posture every so often, but habits are hard to change.  So I’ve recently been thinking about getting the Skecher’s Shape-Ups (http://www.skechers.com/info/shape_ups).  Have you heard of them?  They’re designed to improve posture, strengthen your back, improve blood circulation, as well as tone other muscles.  All you have to do is wear the shoes and walk.  Simple.  And you lose weight without hitting the gym.

The catch?  They’re $110.00.  Holy cow.  I’ve never paid so much for shoes in my life.  Which is what’s holding me back from purchasing them.  Apparently you’re supposed to feel the results instantaneously.  When I went in the store, they say for the first time you wear them, be in the house and walk around for 45 minutes so your body can adjust to it.  This also enables you to return them clean if you don’t like them.

I’ll admit it’s a hefty price.  But it does so much.  And it’s the perfect solution to all my problems.  Yet here I sit.  Torn between my skepticism and the pricey-ness, and the want to believe that it works.  What should I do?

Please advise.