My first ever faculty meeting is over!  Phew.  It wasn’t that bad!  But you were expecting me to say that weren’t you?

Sure I couldn’t sit still for very long and had to take a *few* deep breathes and go to the bathroom countless times beforehand, but you know what?  I made it.  And even though I delivered a quick little spiel about myself and then introduced to the faculty that I’d be handling their travel paperwork, I feel like I did good.  I don’t think I sounded rushed at all.

There’s this neat little trick I do in any oral presentation.  Want to know my secret?  I find that my problem is when I’m looking directly into an audience’s eyes.  In order to solve that, I look slightly above their heads every so often.  Of course I make eye contact, because that’s something you’re always told to do (See? I learned something in school).  But I don’t stare directly into their eyes ALL the time.

So try that out if you get nervous the next time you’re doing a presentation.  I hope it helps as much as it helps me.

Now it’s “official”.  Everyone in the department knows who I am and that I work there.  Bring on the phone calls and constant stream of emails.  I’m ready.