I’m alive!  I’m really alive!  I am a survivor!

Phew.  Well I have bruises all over but anyways.  On Thursday, Bryce and I went to do water sports.  We got a package deal at a place called Hawaii Water Sports Center, located in Koko Marina.  The package included banana boats, bumper tubes, and jet skiing.  I know, pretty adventurous huh?  The first two are the standard and jet skiing was something we chose.

So we got there for our 1 o’clock appointment and had to wait a bit.  On the drive over there (since we came from my place) it was a BIT rainy which had me worried.  In fact, as we got closer to Koko Marina it started to rain heavier.  Not good news.  It would be cold and I’d catch a cold.  Yuck.  However it didn’t seem like the people were worried so I didn’t worry.  Much.  We sat outside to wait after checking in and paying.  So we were overlooking the marina.  Nice nice view.  I could even see Costco all the way across.  Until the rain came in.  Then I could hardly make out the big building.  It started to rain on us so we went inside only to be told that our boat was ready for us.

Part 1: Banana Boat

The thing actually looks like 2 bananas side by side.  And we had to straddle them and had only one little tiny rope to hold onto.

Bryce sat behind me and dutifully tried to hold me in as well during most of the ride.  Next to us on the other “banana” was a nice couple who always helped to pull me back up the darned thing when I fell.  Let us take the time now to remember that I went to the gym the previous day and my leg muscles were upset.  They were only aggravated further.  Unfortunately for Bryce, there was a time when he fell off and I fell off right after only to kick him in the head when I landed in the water.  He made me laugh so much when he told me that I almost couldn’t get back on the banana boat.  You can see an empty spot in the front because the ride can actually take 6 people.  This was a problem because when the boat pulls you, since the weight was predominantly on the back, the front just reared up!

The boat driver just zoomed off.  Those turns he made were wide and I was the first one to fall off.  Unfortunately, they didn’t tell us that when you fall you should let go of the banana boat.  So I sort of hung on to the rope for a bit and was being dragged through the water.  My swim pants slid down and I could feel my butt exposed in the cold water.  Thankfully Bryce was closest to me and when I mentioned it  he didn’t seem to notice.  However, as the ride progressed, it happened several other times even though I let go of the rope- just from the force of being thrown into the water.

Needless to say, I was being thrown into the water constantly.  And when I was on the banana boat, my nose was running and there was salt water whipping into my face while my leg muscles and hands were gripping onto the thing for dear life.  Sound like fun?  It’s not over yet.

Part 2: Bumper Tubes

Bumper tubes just look like an inflatable circular thing that you lie on your stomach and hang on to, yes, tiny rope things, for dear life.  I was so exhausted already from climbing on the banana boats that I didn’t want a rough ride.  However, the two girls we rode with wanted to go FAST.  Which they made sure to mention to the driver several times.

This time, the boat driver showed no mercy.  He went full speed ahead right away and I had the sickening feeling it was because the girls said “faster, faster!”… They were nice though.  There’s something about being thrown around that pulls you together I suppose.  We all worked together to pull each other up, well except for Bryce.  He could pull himself up all the time.  Guys.  Psssh.  Anyway, as you might have already guessed, since this is flatter and closer to the water, it LIFTS OFF THE WATER.  Yes, it flips you right off.

As much as I fell off the banana boats, I fell off way more on the bumper tube!  Plus, Bryce insisted on sharing one of the loops so my pinky was getting raw from rubbing against the rope.  The water pressure shooting in my face was a lot more concentrated and well, sore!  My nose was running once again.  So I had snot running down my face since I couldn’t let go of the tube to wipe my face.  Pretty picture isn’t it?  There’s a really good picture of me flipping over.

Part 3: Jet Skiing

This was the best part of the day.  There was no falling into the water involved at all.  As soon as bumper tubes were done, we were told that a boat was waiting for us to take us to Maunalua Bay to jet ski.  No break for my sore, aching muscles.  It was ok though, because I asked the boat driver if there was a chance of us falling in the water.  He said that we *shouldn’t*.  Once we got there, the 2 men waiting for us explained how to operate the jet ski pretty quickly and then we were left to ourselves.  What?  You’re just going to explain it and then we get to go on and ride off into the ocean?  Wow.  The only thing to keep in mind was that we had to follow a triangular course of buoys.  And not to veer off course since there were other courses around and other jet skiers.

It was a nice way to end the day.  Peaceful.  I decided to be the driver first, since we had to share one.  It was a little scary at first.  You kinda have to get used to the throttle and find your groove to control the speed.  Making the turns around the buoys was a little hard as well.  But all in all, it was ok.

After going around the course twice, I had about enough of the controlling.  So I pulled over by a white buoy (which we were told to do) and Bryce and I switched seats.  This was better.  I didn’t have to worry too much, and Bryce was having a good time gunning it every so often.

For some reason though, I kept thinking that if I DID fall off, a shark would come and get me.  Horrible thoughts like that kept running through my mind.  Therefore, I held on tightly to Bryce.  You can be sure of that.

I like this picture.  You can see us in the big bay.  By the way, without those life vests we wore all day, I literally would not have survived.  I had no strength to wade in the water.  No strength to even lift myself back onto the banana boat and bumper tube.  So life vests are definitely a necessity.  All in all though, it was a good experience.  Something I can check off my bucket list that’s non existent at the moment.  And even though my body is extremely sore in various places I never knew existed, I’m glad I did it.  And Bryce really did have a good time. 🙂