I’m a little sad today friends.  A little depressed even.  You see, yesterday Bryce and I went to the gym.  (So at least I got to check something off my list).  However, those months away from the gym have proven extremely detrimental to my stamina.  Let us begin our story.

My favorite machine is the elliptical.  Why?  Because it’s like running but with no tension on my knees.  Plus it works out all the things I want to work out.  My legs, my arms, my butt, my chest, and my calves.  So I tend to just do that first.  I know, cardio first?  Here my reasoning is illogical I’m afraid.  My thinking is that I’ll get tired fast so I might as well do cardio since that’s good for me.  But I always find myself getting so tired after the cardio that I don’t lift weights either- which helps tone your muscles.  Oh well.  I’d rather get my cardio in.

I’d like to take the time now to point out something.  When Bryce came over to my place to head to the gym, he realized he forgot his gym pass at home.  Now I live in Salt Lake and he lives in Hawaii Kai.  I think he expected that we weren’t going then.  But I was determined.  So I told him we’d be driving all the way to his house to get his blasted gym pass.  Aren’t you proud?? I’m proud.

That’s why we ended up going to the Hawaii Kai 24 Hour Fitness instead of the one on Kapiolani Blvd.  I’ve never been to that one so I figured it would be a good chance to see it.  Downstairs is all the cardio machines you can imagine and upstairs (where Bryce headed since he lifts weights before doing cardio) are all the weights.  I was surprised to see just how many elderly people were there (no offense intended).  The gym wasn’t packed, so I got to use the elliptical right away.  The timer that automatically appears read 59:58 when I started pedaling.  One hour left?!?  Oh no.  Not a chance.  So without really knowing what I was doing, I changed the timer to show half an hour.  Half an hour seemed doable.  The first 15 minutes were agony I tell you.  Apparently stretching out my legs had escaped my mind -_-.  No matter, AFTER those excruciating first 15 minutes, I got into a groove of sorts.  I could pedal at a steady pace and not feel super tired.  Friends, I pushed myself.  I took breaks here and there sure, but only to wipe the sweat off my face.  Thoughts of stopping to quench the pain didn’t even cross my mind.  Honest.

Unfortunately, after 25 minutes I couldn’t go any more.  I was only 5 minutes away from my goal but I just couldn’t.  My legs felt like jelly.  Stepping off the elliptical and then walking was the hardest thing I’ve had to do in a while.  I only lasted 25 minutes.  And the elderly people were still going.  But I had to climb up the stairs to get to Bryce.  I walked past a scale and did what no woman should ever do- I weighed myself.  I shall not reveal my weight but only say that I’m disheartened.  I gained 4 pounds since I last went to the gym.  4 pounds that seem like 10.  So with that in mind, I had to climb those horrifying steps and tell Bryce that I was ready to leave.  He wanted to stay at least an hour :).  Oh well.  While he was just getting started I was already down for the count.

The main thing is that I went.  Right?  And even though I only lasted 25 minutes, I need to keep in mind that I haven’t been there in a while.  I need to build up my stamina once again.  Which means I need to go regularly.  And to make me feel better Bryce kept saying “baby steps Vanessa, baby steps”.

And since Bryce was so proud of me for not only forcing us to go, but for exercising, he took me out to dinner.  We went to Ruby Tuesdays.  Don’t worry, I got turkey burgers and ate 2 plates of salad.  2 plates!  So hopefully the next time I go, which will hopefully be this week, I can at least last the full 30 minutes AND lift some weights.  Maybe.  We’ll see.  Wish me luck. 🙂