As I sit here and start this blog, I realized I haven’t had a single coke yet.  Funny.  If I was at work I would have had one by now.  Excuse me while I make Bryce  go get me one. 😀

Ahhh… refreshing.

So last night Bryce took me to the Cheesecake Factory as promised  to celebrate our anniversary.  I was anticipating a long wait since we’re apparently not allowed to make reservations.  We went right after I finished work so we got there around 5:15.  Which meant, we only had a 5 minute wait to be seated.  Amazing!

We were seated in a little booth that was the perfect size for us.  Not enough table space but that’s ok.  I was also not the focus of Bryce’s attention.  Hey it’s my anniversary dinner.  I deserve attention.  As it turns out, Bryce got a new phone earlier in the day.  Literally right before he picked me up.  So he spent some time fiddling around with it, which made me bored so I pulled my phone out too.  At least he didn’t spend the entire dinner on it or I would have been mad.  As you can see in the picture below, that black thing he’s holding is his phone.  I caught him in the act!

We were planning on sharing a meal to ensure enough tummy space for cheesecake.  We ended up ordering the Grilled Shrimp and Bacon Club sandwich.  I get that every time I go.  It’s so good!

We also ordered their clam chowder soup to share.  Funny thing is the choice of size is either a “cup” or “bowl”.  Bowl I understand, but cup?  That was the smaller size so we got that one.  Turns out it was in a mini bowl.  Tricky.  Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the clam chowder “cup”.  No matter.  Look at that sandwich!  Just bursting with good ‘ol bacon and delicious shrimp!  It was really hard for me to eat without making a mess.

After that of course comes CHEESECAKE!  When my coworker Carrie told me about the Red Velvet Cheesecake and described it, I *had* to try it.  Picture layers of red velvet cake and cream cheese frosting.  Yum-o!  The picture doesn’t do it justice.

Bryce got the Dutch Apple Caramel Struesel.  This cheesecake has baked apples inside the cheesecake itself!!, caramel and brown sugar cinnamon walnut struesel.  Plus it sits in a bed of caramel.  Bryce said he had too much everything and not enough apples.

Then of course, I ordered some cheesecakes to take home.  I always do this because we don’t come often enough for me to eat their cheesecake.  I ordered my favorite Fresh Strawberry cheesecake and Bryce ordered the Vanilla Bean cheesecake.  I also ordered Oreo cheesecake for my sister.

The cheesecake turned out to be more expensive than our meal :).  All in all, the dinner turned out to be great and I got my fix of cheesecake for a little while.

Now I’m going to go eat my Fresh Strawberry cheesecake that’s waiting for me in the fridge.  Mmmm.

P.S. – Now you know why I need a new camera.  These pictures just don’t look as good as they should have.