Today is the day I’ve been waiting for!  The last day of work before Spring Break!  Hooray!  I’d do a little dance now, but nobody wants to see that.

Spring Break was actually a bonus for me this year.  Since I graduated, I was distraught over the idea of not seeing Bryce or my friends.  I had basically given up the idea of ever having breaks again.  Until I pursue a Master’s at least.  At least one good thing came out of the pay cut, right?

Anywho!  To prepare for next week (and to keep me from lounging around), I’ve decided to make a list of things I want to do.  And because I’m writing it down, I’ll feel like I can be held accountable :).

So.  I want to:

  • Go to the gym a few times. (Truth be told, I haven’t gone to the gym in about 6 months.  Which is horrible.  I have a membership that’s paid for, so why not use it?  Actually part of the reason was because school was very stressing but now I have no excuse, really.)
  • Read at least one book.  Starting with Pride and Prejudice :).   (Btw, any suggestions for my next Jane Austen book?)
  • Watch Nim’s Island.  (I got this movie through Netflix a month ago so Bryce and I could watch it and it’s been sitting on my desk waiting to be watched -_-.)
  • Clean my room.  Maybe.  No promises with this one!
  • Acquire a camera (maybe a DSLR, maybe not.  I don’t really need one :-P) and take some nice pictures!
  • Do something fun.  This one is pretty general, but I’m sure I’ll think of something.
  • Get together with the girls before Shannon goes off to Peru!  Lucky bum.
  • And last but not least, spend some quality time with the BF.  What can I say, I miss the guy.

This is quite a long list!  Tons of things to tackle.  All doable.  I just have to, well, do them.  I’m determined though!  My problem is that breaks make me lazy.  It’s a “break” so I guess subconsciously I don’t want to do anything.  That’s boring though.  In the end, I believe the effort made is more important than the outcome.  If I can get at least half these things done, I’ll be extremely proud of myself.

Wish me luck!  Don’t worry, I’ll still be blogging.  Now that I’ve started I can’t seem to stop :D.

Wishing I could go here during break (Santorini Island, Greece).  Maybe one day. 🙂