Even though this leprechaun is in a joyous mood, my first experience with St. Patrick’s Day was not.  I’ve decided to share some experiences I’ve had.

First of all, who in the world came up with the ridiculous tradition of pinching anyone and everyone who isn’t wearing green?  And who gets to decide if you’re wearing too little green?  Green is green.  Or so I thought.

I must have been in elementary school for my very first recollection of St. Patty’s Day.  I had heard from other kids that we had to wear green on that day or get pinched.  And would you believe, I did NOT have a green shirt?  I was a kid who loved pink so I had mostly pink shirts.  Not much has changed :-P.  Anyway, I was distraught at the possibility of getting pinched until my mother pointed out that I had green undies.  I was saved!  So I put on my green undies and went to school thinking I was safe.  Wrong.  Kids don’t ask “so where’s your green?”  Instead, if your green isn’t obvious (ie. shirt or pants– and who wears green pants?) then they immediately pinch you!  Clearly my green wasn’t obvious and I wasn’t about to show everyone my undies so throughout the day I was pinched several times!  I swore the next time I would wear green on the OUTSIDE.  Some way, some how.  I have no idea to this day what I was thinking with green undies.  Was I going to show everyone that asked me?  And you know boys in elementary school.  What WAS I thinking?

My second experience was *probably* the following year because I remember thinking that I’d have to get something that would stand out.  However, I completely forgot about it!  I refused to go through the same thing though, so I used a green rubber band.  Silly me it was hidden behind my head.  I don’t need to go any further do I?

This year, since I’m older and supposedly wiser (I’d like to think so :)), I will be wearing a green shirt.  Nobody can pinch me now!  And maybe, just maybe, to commemorate my elementary days, I’ll be wearing a green underwear too.  You’ll never know ;-).

P.S. – Did you know St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland?  I had to look it up :-P.