Is the age of chivalry gone?  What happened to the days where men held the door open, and pulled the chair out for women?  Ok, the chair thing is a little too much for my taste.  That might just be me though, because it’s awkward for me when the waiter stands patiently behind me to push the chair in as I sit.  I don’t like to keep people waiting, and I mean, what if they pushed it in just a *little* too fast or a *little* too slow?  Disaster waiting to happen.

In any case, what girl doesn’t like being pampered with that sort of attention?  To me, the little things matter more than the big ones.  It’s cliche, but true.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not saying that my boyfriend doesn’t do these things.  However, I’d like it to happen more than just on our anniversary. There’s 364 more days in a year that can be utilized.  Am I right?  But he’s still my knight in shining armor.  Mostly. 😛

This question has been nagging at me ever since I read Persuasion by Jane Austen last week.  I love the time period.  Nowadays boys like to be “tough” and show hardly any sensitivity.  But let’s face it, us girls like us some sensitivity!  This novel was about second chances and the suspense of rediscovering love.  I can’t say more or I’ll give away the end.  Definitely a must read though. 🙂

In Jane Austen’s time, there was no such thing as emails or text messaging.  The only means of communicating was writing letters.  I love writing and especially receiving letters!  There’s something so personal in a handwritten letter that can never be replaced in an email or text.  The eloquence of the writing back then is also something I love.  Instead of just saying “I love you”, they might write something like “You pierce my soul like no other”. This makes me gush!

So in this day and age, I say to you, the reader, don’t forget the simple and personal things.  Leave a note that says “I love you” or something that shows you’re thinking of them.  Open the door for her.  All the little things add up in the end.   Me? A hopeless romantic?  What makes you say that? 😀