Meet Apostrophe.  He’s a good looking cat if I do say so myself.  And those eyes are so playful.   I actually think he looks like he could belong in a Hayao Miyazaki film.  Don’t you?

He is the newest edition to my office.  My unsuspecting coworkers never knew that when they hired me they’d in fact, be getting TWO for the price of one.   How fortuitous indeed. 🙂

You may be wondering how he acquired such a name.  Well, one day at work my coworker, my boss, and I, had a meeting to discuss this very important issue – what to name my cat.  Originally I wanted to name it Abby, thinking of girls names.  But the more I stared at it the more it looked like a boy.  He really doesn’t look like an Abby.  So they started throwing out name suggestions and there were several I liked.  Let it be known here that I hate making decisions for myself.  I’m much better at helping everyone else make theirs.  However, my very creative coworker came up with “Apostrophe”.   I loved it!  It was so cute, so unique… perfect for my cat!

He is now my constant companion in my little cubicle.  He serves as my personal wrist rest for my mouse.  An important job to be sure.  I can’t help but look down every so often to see how he’s doing.  I’m worried he’ll flatten too soon.  I suppose I could just order another one if that ever happens.  But then I’d need a new name.  0_0  After all, there can only be one Apostrophe in the world.

If you want one for yourself, check out!  I know I will 😀